Market Tour


Market tour

Our Market tour in Budapest is the most exciting combination of culture, history and  culinary adventure. While you visit two markets and a café, your guide will introduce you to the venues, speak about the ingredients you see and how they are prepared. You will have the chance to taste some Hungarian delicacies, have lunch in a hip market and end the tour with coffee and cake.

This four-hour tour will provide you with an overview of Hungarian cuisine, you will learn about how the thousand-year old history of the country has influenced Hungarian gastro-culture, and find out for example how paprika became the dominant spice of the region.

Starting the tour in the Great Market Hall sampling different kinds of snacks, such as „lángos”, strudel, salami and pickles, you will wander among the vendors, hear some background on the various fruits and vegetables you see, see various kinds of meats and also visit the fish and sauerkraut section in the basement of the market.

Your guide will then take you by tram to another market with  bistros and snack bars as well as smaller stalls. You will have a two-course lunch with a glass of wine or a soft drink in one of these authentic small restaurants. You can taste the iconic „Gulyás soup” prepared by a famous Hungarian chef, or „home-style” layered potatoes, and you can choose from the seasonal menu as well. During lunch your guide will talk about Hungarian dishes, how they are prepared, nifty tricks and the habits and traditions we have for holidays. You will also learn about Hungarian wine - there are 22 wine regions in Hungary with many indigenous grape varieties.

A local pastry shop will be the last stop during this culinary adventure. Some cakes or gelato and a specialty coffee made by expert baristas or tea is a perfect ending, as you discuss Hungarian desserts, what „Cake of the year” means or why Hungarians drink so much coffee.

Enjoy the company of a local guide, have some of the traditional Hungarian dishes and sweets, hear about the historical background of the venues you visit, and hopefully you will get a taste of the atmosphere of downtown Budapest.

Price: EUR120/1 person, every additional person: EUR 40

Duration: app. 4 hours



- snacks in the market

- lunch (a 2 course meal with a glass of wine, beverage)

- cake and coffee/tea