Caffeine & Sugar

Caffeine & Sugar Tour


Treat yourself to cake, chocolate and excellent coffee in Budapest! This 3.5 hour-long tour will introduce you to the city’s coffee scene and pastry shops, you’ll be able to visit the most important venues and listen to entertaining stories and anecdotes about how they came about.

Your guide will take you to a cafe serving specialty coffee for a proper new wave coffee and explain how coffee was introduced to Hungary centuries ago and how “black soup” became an essential part of everyday life here.

You’ll get to enjoy mouthwateringly beautiful cake in one of the city’s oldest and most elegant traditional coffee houses while listening to stories about the hoards of authors, poets and celebrities who spent most of their lives here. Spending the day in a coffee house free of charge used to be the norm for members of the literary elite, not a privilege as it would be today. You’ll also get to know more about the art of baking as well as the the recipes and people responsible for creating the decadent slices of cake that fill the shelves.

The tour includes a bakery established in the 1960s, boutiques selling artisanal bonbons, and a typical, elegant pastry shop in downtown Pest. As you walk through the city centre, your guide will give you a crash course on Hungarian history, culture, habits and everyday life. This makes the tour perfect not only for those with a sweet tooth or an addiction to coffee, but those who want to understand Budapest’s past and present from the perspective of an ordinary citizen.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: EUR 90/person,    every additional person: EUR 40


- Specialty café

- Traditional coffee house

- Chocolate shops

- Retro bakery

- Modern pastry shop

Included in the price:

- Professional tour guide

- Coffee

- Cakes

- Chocolate