About us

b. 1986, HK.

About us

Splendid Budapest Tours is a tour company based in Budapest, offering thematic guided tours for visitors with a wide range of interests.

We’ll help you dive deep into Budapest. Our gorgeous city is home to many notable sights, but perhaps even more importantly, Budapest takes pride in its enduring and eventful past as well as its colourful cultural and urban life. You’ll have a personal guide at your service, helping you understand everything you see while having a lot of fun, too. We hope you’ll leave having experienced not just the aesthetic, but cultural and historical values of the city.


Gabriella, the founder of Splendid Budapest Tours is a tour guide with a real passion for her job. Showing visitors around the city, helping people from around the world understand Budapest, and shedding light on the historical continuity and background behind the city’s main attractions is the best job she could dream of.

We offer several pre-planned tours but are also happy to organize customized tours and accommodate special requests on demand.

Please feel free to contact us at splendidbptours@gmail.hu .